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You can make the positive and progressive changes that you want to make from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Hypnotherapy on Skype and Zoom is ever more popular! Watch the video to learn more.

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All About Richard Ingate Hypnotherapy

We are built to learn and adapt

For our whole lives we have been learning. Learning to read and write, learning how to be with other people, learning how to do a job.

We also learn the unwritten rules of our society, of our family environment. We might learn less useful ways of being like being anxious, or having some habit like smoking that we would prefer to let go of.

Sometimes we also learn ways of being stressed, we respond to the overwhelming demands of our busy daily lives in ways that harm us and perhaps lead to depression and burn out.

We can re learn, we can learn something new however old we might be!


I use hypnosis as a means of guiding your mind through a deep, inner learning process so that the way you think, feel and act can change in positive and progressive ways.


You can put down that unhealthy habit, you can learn to dissolve anxiety, you can learn to respond differently to what were stressful situations so that you get different results in your world.

If you are ready to make changes, book a free initial consultation - leave a message with your name and phone number on 01379 568766 and I will call you back as soon as I can.


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