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The two main questions are interesting opposites.

1. Can you control my mind and make me give you my pin number? Probably not. If I could I would pop down to have a little chat my local bank manager...

2. Can I be hypnotised? In all honesty I do not know yet because I have not met you. Hypnotisability seems to be on a normal bell curve distribution, so like many things, some people get off to a better start and everyone can learn the skills involved. 

Hypnosis, particularly when combined with cognitive behavioural techniques and coaching, is the most powerful tool for change I know. It has a largely justified reputation for being almost magical because so many people report powerful, deep, and often abrupt turnarounds in issues they thought were unfixable. Imagine how your life would be different if you were suddenly free of a life long phobia? These 'magical' effects are not the result of a hypnotist with some special powers 'doing' hypnosis to you, it doesn't work that way. Hypnosis is collaborative, like the process of being taught a skill while practicing it. Working together you learn to use more of your mind's potential in ways that make your life better, more joyful and more purposeful. You are far more powerful than you realise. Hypnosis opens the door, allowing you to tap into what you are truly capable of.


"And that's the real magic: discovering that the power lay within you all along."

(Lucy Angel Hyde)


Hypnosis is a brief form of therapy, but because you are essentially learning and practicing a new way of using your mind, it is not always instantaneous. While many therapies will have you returning week after week for months or even years, permanent change through hypnosis usually takes a few sessions. The 'one session zap' may indeed work for some people, but to ensure you have built the skills you need for lasting success, I see you for a minimum of 3 sessions, usually spaced a week apart so you have time to practice and assimilate your new skills. By carefully tailoring a course of hypnosis designed specifically for you, in a way that develops and layers skills and a robustness against backsliding, I can ensure you have the optimal chance of achieving your desired outcome for life.  


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