Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherpy

What happens in a hypnotherapy session? (Will you make me cluck like a chicken ?)

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is collaborative. First, we will gather information about what your difficulty is and what you want tobe able to think, feel and do differently. This is solution focused working and we identify where you are now and where you want to be. The journey between the two becomes the treatment plan.

The treatment plan will be shared with you so that you understand what is happening and how the plan is expected to be effective. You will learn some hypnotic skills including how to do self hypnosis so that the work we do will be more effective. Your role in the process will also be covered and you will have opportunities to go into hypnosis and practice the skills.

The first session will establish our goals, teach you the hypnotic skills you need and create a treatment plan. Subsequent sessions, if required will check in with your progress, make any necessary adjustments and continue to work through the plan. It is careful, thoughtful, methodical work rather than an authority figure 'zapping you' into unconsciousness whilst they work their magic. If that is what you want there are plenty to choose from...

I probably won't make you cluck like a chicken, but might well lead you through hypnotic phenomena such as sticking your hand to your head... This tends to be far more effective as a demonstration that you have been in hypnosis than relaxing under a crochet blanket whilst a hypno-wizard drones on. Hypnosis in this understanding is not something 'done' to you, the hypnotherapist helps to guide you through doing the hypnotic learning that will resolve your problem and enable you to 'own' the positive changes you will have made.

The first thing for you do to is to contact me to arrange a short initial conversation to establish whether we could work together well.


Very straightforward - £75 pounds a session (1 hour), payable in advance, when you book the session. There are no refunds, but you may be able to reschedule. There is no minimum number of sessions and I don't sell 'packages'. If you have got what you wanted after one session then, 'happy days'. I will check in with you by email a week or so after the first session. If you have more you want to do then we book another session. Booking a session means you accept these terms and conditions.