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Hypnosis on Skype! Yes you can!

Hypnotherapy online is real!


As technology becomes easier to access and more widely available more people are taking advantage of the convenience of hypnotherapy sessions online - usually via Skype or Zoom.

Can you really?

Yes, the old, outdated view of hypnosis as being zapped into unconsciousness by a physically present hypnotist has not been validated by the reality of research into what hypnosis actually is and how it works and how these up to date understandings can be applied via video and voice platforms.

But what if the connection goes and I get stuck?

Connections do come and go at times but all that would happen in this case is that you would open your eyes and realise what had happened. There is no depth to get ‘stuck’ in. That is a very out of date model of hypnosis. Modern hypnotherapy is a collaborative process of working together and it is no more a problem losing the internet for a moment than it would be in any engaged conversation.

Why would I?

Convenience and choice are the two main reasons. You can work with anyone in the world where ever they and you are based. You can get the help you want in the comfort of your own home. No travelling time for you and I don’t have to hoover my carpet before you come!

What do you need?

A computer with a good internet connection

A place and time when you will be undisturbed

A reasonable quality webcam

A comfortable chair where you can relax

A warm/cool enough environment so you can be comfortable

What else?

Make sure any cooking appliances etc. are switched off

ensure , if you have pets or children they are outside of the room and do not come in

Turn off your phone!

No, really! Turn off your phone!

How it works

The first step is for you to book a free initial consultation, click the link to go to my availability calendar). This consultation will take place on Skype or Zoom so you can get more used to the idea and so you will need to have a Skype account and be familiar with how it works.

If we use Zoom I will send you the link and you do not need to download Zoom. During the consultation you can tell me about your issue and we can discuss how hypnotherapy can help you, plus any questions you may have about this way of working.

If you decide to go ahead with the sessions (I work in blocks of three sessions) I will send you the intake form by email which you complete with the information that will most help me to help you.

At this point we book in your session times and dates and I will send you the agreement document for you to read and (electronically) sign. This will also give you my bank details. All fees must be paid at least 24 hours prior to our first session.

Once your fees have cleared we are good to go and we will meet online for our first session. As I mentioned above, I work in three session blocks.

The first session will discuss the information you gave me in your intake form and we will agree on your treatment goals and how you will know when you have achieved them. We will also just check any questions you might have about hypnosis and I will explain and show you the way I work with hypnosis. This will involve you experiencing some hypnosis skills and spending some good quality time in hypnosis!

The second session is the main therapy work and this is when we will carry out our treatment plan.

The third session will tweak and refine as well as deal with the curve balls that life sometimes sends our way!


Hopefully that gives you a helpful overview of how hypnotherapy can work online. This is the way I work and of course different people have their own individual ways of working. If you have any questions or comments please let me know and I will do my best to answer.

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