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Politics and hate - a different perspective

Politics and hate

For those in the UK (and I suspect the USA too) it has been really easy to hate for the last few years. I seem to have a constant stream of Facebook posts showing blatant abuse of power by politicians of all parties.

Some people hate Boris — and I have certainly been standing there with a spade eager to dig a ditch. Others hate Corbyn for a host of reasons whether true or false.

And on it goes, the targets change from time to time depending on what they have been up to, but the hate goes on.

Just as a qualification to all of this, there really are people in the world doing awful things, ‘malevolence’ as Jordan Peterson terms it, is alive and well.

I have a different focus here. The atmosphere of hate we live in is almost ‘protesting too much’. Yes, Boris, to use an easily available example, is a corrupt, lying criminal who cares little for anyone except himself. It is easy to hate someone who appears so clearly toxic.

Yet why do we as a society allow such people to be in such positions?

It is almost as if we are setting up easy targets to unleash our anger upon. In their reflection we see ourselves as justified and righteous, and taking the moral high ground.

Now, I have no idea if this is psychologically valid as a notion, but it is an interesting reflection… We see ourselves in our responses to the world and if we want to see ourselves in a certain way perhaps we organise the world to provide that reflection. It is certainly one way to explain the apparent stupidity of a society that could allow some of our current politicians to behave both so badly and without any accountability.

If I were an old fashioned hypnotist I would say our society is in a trance, and not an especially useful one.

And sometimes it’s good to take a trance and realise what else might be possible for each of us. Perhaps that ‘reality tunnel’ might lead to a more wholesome and wiser place?

How would our political scene be different if we chose to reflect compassion and caring? What if the ethos of politics reflected a society that valued principled service?

How would each of us be different and creating difference, if we woke up to what we are already doing and how we are already being — and understood we can change.

Not that it is easy, but that it is possible, and that with awareness, the same processes that have led to such suffering could lead to a society that is expressing both strength (because there are others who are malevolent) and good will (because we genuinely care about ourselves and our wellbeing)?

I wonder how you respond to this? Let me know in the comments and keep the conversation going.

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