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So, the first thing to know is that I don't actually have a watch! 

The next thing to know is that I work with a person not a 'condition'. For example everyone who comes with anxiety has a unique situation and needs a unique treatment plan that is tailored to their very individual situation. That is even true for something like smoking. The way one person holds onto this harmful habit is not quite the same as how another person might do it. This means the (short) pathway to freedom is going to take a slightly different route for each client.

You are an individual and we will work together to produce an individual treatment plan that is best suited to you and your goals.

I tend to work over three sessions:

Session 1 is all about gathering information, the case history. What is the problem? Where does it happen? Where doesn't it happen? How would your life be different if you solved this problem today? Then we learn and practice some hypnotic skills, including how to do self hypnosis (learning just this can hugely help with stress and anxiety).


Can you be hypnotised? In all honesty I do not know yet because I have not met you. Hypnotisability seems to be on a normal bell curve distribution, so like many things, some people get off to a better start and everyone can learn the skills involved. 

Also in this first session we begin to form the treatment goals and evaluate potential ways forward to get a sense of what would best suit your nature and experience.

Session 2 is the main treatment session. We review the plan to make sure you understand and also are sure about your role in the process - hypnosis is collaborative. You will need to imagine what I ask you to imagine, feel what I ask you to feel and really engage with the process to the best of your ability - and I will guide you through what you need to do and check with you how you are getting on.

So notice that this is both of us working together. Hypnosis is only about being "zapped" when it's a stage show, and even then that is an artful part of the performance rather than the reality.

So in session 2 we do the work and unleash you back into the world to experience things anew.

Session 3 is for tweaking, refining, adding anything that was missing and troubleshooting if required. We might also explore what else might be possible for you with your new hypnotic skills and how best to reinforce new understandings for best and long term effect.

How much does it cost?

Prices will rise from 1st February 2020. You can lock in the current price by booking and paying during January.

£180 for the three sessions, payable in advance before the first session.

January offer for NHS employees - 25% off the current price and must be paid in full before first session (£135 for all three sessions)

From February 1st 2020 fees will be: £75 per session / £225 for 3 sessions.

What do I do next?

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